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About RHA House Teams

House league hockey has been a staple program for Ramsey Hockey Association since RHA's inception in 1998.  RHA has fielded house teams from the Mite level (8U) through Varsity high school.  House leagues are akin to recreational leagues in other sports and serve many important purposes.  House leagues provide beginner players with an entry level to the sport of ice hockey.  House leagues are also an important stepping stone to players that want to eventually participate in more advanced levels of organized hockey. Finally, house leagues provide players and friends a chance to reunite on a house team during the off-season from other teams and sports.

There are two house league seasons: a fall/winter season that is played from September through February, and a spring season that is played from March through June.  The spring season is generally more competitive as the players participating in a more advanced level of hockey during the fall/winter season return to house league hockey in the spring to reunite and participate with friends.

Registration for RHA's house teams is typically in February for the spring house league and in June for the fall/winter house league.

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